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June 2, 2010

New month, starting the new challenge

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So last month I created a goal to surpass my highest number of posts to date. It’s not a great goal, because it’s a very good way to get a lot of crap put up on my blog this month. But I’m going to do it anyway, when something strikes my fancy.

I’m working on my craft series now, starting with plot. I need to get a couple of books on that, and really study and learn. It’s going to be great fun.

I’ve also got other ideas for posts. One thing that comes to mind is the sheer number of available markets we can submit to. It’s staggering.

Another thing is the ease with which we can find the names of editors in the field, at magazines, major New York publishers, e-zines, and so on. These people want to be found, but just not by everyone in the whole world. So they make it a little bit difficult, but not impossible. We just have to know where to look. Veteran writers tell us the right places all the time; we just have to be listening when they say it.

So I’m off to study plot for a couple of hours, with dinner somewhere in the middle, and then I have a few short stories that will be submitted before the end of tonight. They’ve all been written some time in the past two or three years, but have sat stagnant. Time to submit and see what I get. Rejections, or rather their format, will tell me what the problems are.

Of course, I could end up with the opposite problem, and they all get accepted. That’s not likely, but it’d be a nice problem to have. I’m told that writers are terrible judges of their own work, and they should let the editors decide.

So be it.


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