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April 26, 2009

I Need a Name Change

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My blog name is craptastic. I have to find a great name for it that exemplifies me. I’m open to suggestion with that, so please make any recommendation you like!



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It’s been too long since I’ve done anything here. School is winding up in three weeks (actually, twenty days), and though I am feeling nostalgic about my last few weeks at Tunxis Community College, it’s time to seriously get to work.

During this summer, I will be writing quick short stories and poems and placing them here. My goal will be one of each for every day. That means that sometimes they will be not great. But I will be working every day on my writing, and that’s the point. Also, I will get a test audience for my work, albeit an as of yet small one. That will be invaluable. Also, my opinion pieces will keep going up.

As a first in that series, I’ve decided to post some my findings about the FCC and its regulation of our airwaves. This will be presented in phases, because there are logical breaks, and it’s kind of a lot to read all at once, though it’s not a huge paper. It’s really fascinating information for all you television watchers and radio listeners out there. I know that’s not very many of us, but the hundreds of millions of Americans (and for that matter, tens of millions of Canadians – can’t forget you guys) to whom this applies will most likely find it interesting.

One thing I will be doing less of is political commentary. Though these topics are near and dear to my heart, if I start writing about our asinine system of politics regularly, I might find myself sidelined from a writing standpoint in favor of a run for some political office, with the noble intention of fixing it. I most wholeheartedly do not want to become a part of that system, so I’d better write like hell.

Ah; I will also be working on a fascinating biography of my father. I am working with him to write the story of his life, first being born in Mississippi as a black child in 1930; not an ideal starting point, but he has certainly made the most of it. He will also write about his time in the military, and what it was like being there, and his life after the Army since 1971. I’m really looking forward to that.

Oh, and I have a family tree to work on; I’ve got a huge amount of information to work on from both sides of my family. It should be immensely eye-opening and a lot of fun. Aside from learning about my father’s side; which has proven problematic for him, of course, and probably will for me as well; I will also learn about my mother’s side. We are Irish from that side, and who knows? maybe I’ll discover our tartan and coat of arms. That would be amazing. A picture will go here if I find those things.

Please look for all of that!

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